Whether you are looking for an aesthetic to fit a character, plot, or theme, there are many Instagram accounts to choose from to receive the inspiration you need. All of these Instagrammers are a bit quirky, but offer different aesthetics that are perfect for writers, with wonderful content strategies to match. Let’s dive into the world of these creatives.

Artist/Creative’s/Brand’s Name: Symmetrybreakfast (Michael Zee)
Craft + Claim to Fame: His beautify taken pictures of completely symmetrical breakfasts.

Our eyes are pulled towards what is symmetrical. Symmetrybreakfast has over 740 thousand followers for a reason. This creative is perfect to look at for stories that revolve around food, or even to grab inspiration for characters that have a. affinity to objects that are pleasing to the eye. He not only takes pictures of food but also makes every one of his creations himself. He has a cookbook that is coming out that is sure to be pleasing to the eye. Another note- his feed is full of international cuisine. Each post looks more delicious than the next. Make sure that you aren’t hungry when you look at this feed.

Artist/Creative’s/Brand’s Name: Lavendaire
Craft + Claim to Fame: Creating videos surrounding lifestyle on YouTube.

Do you fancy pastel and all things pretty? This feed created by Lavendaire (a.k.a. Aileen Xu) is the perfect inspiration for plots that are full of whimsy. Her goal is to teach others to create the life of their dreams and is full of positivity. Just by looking at the feed, it feels as if spring has fully bloomed. Aileen is great at juxtaposing self-portraits with inspirational quotes, posts of nature, and pictures of her adorable puppy. There is a light and whimsy feel to the feed at mirrors her YouTube channel. If you get a chance, check out her videos. You will not be disappointed.

Artist/Creative’s/Brand’s Name: artsypatee (Patrick Yves)
Craft + Claim to Fame: Art + Mobile Photography = Brilliance

Patrick superimposes every one of his pieces by with digital photographs and art. This unique feed is full of surprises with some posts causing me to take a double-take. There are many photos that are intentionally fantastical while others are extremely life-like. His posts are magical realism at its finest. Each one is inviting and sticks to his color scheme of muted blues, pinks, and greens. If you are looking for a feed that is inventive and imaginative, look no further.

Juniperoats Instagram Account

Artist/Creative’s/Brand’s Name: juniperoats
Craft + Claim to Fame: Visual Artistry

Don’t you love when artists decide to bring something beautiful to a digital platform? Juniperoats does just that by showcasing her illustrations and sense of style. Each post looks as if it was handpicked and selected carefully. Her simplifies color scheme of light gray, pink, white, and black aligns with her cool aesthetic. It leaves room for her art to stand out even more. This is a page that inspires by its simplicity. It is both refined and experimental. She currently has more than 16 thousand followers.

Artist/Creative’s/Brand’s Name: audriannamartindelcampo
Craft + Claim to Fame: Photography

If many of the previous artists evoke simplicity and sunny days, Audrianna does the complete opposite with her gothic style aesthetic. While scrolling through her feed, one can’t help with think of autumn and winter. Even in posts where there is sun, it is overshadowed by something eerie yet strangely beautiful.

Artist/Creative’s/Brand’s Name: sarah_peretz
Craft + Claim to Fame: Creating a rainbow feed that changes color as you scroll

Sarah’s feed is creative and pleasing to the eye. She features pictures of herself as well landscapes and quotes. Her feed mirrors juniper oats in that each posting looks like to was planned. While her posting formula takes away some of the spontaneity, she makes up for it with a burst of color.

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