Which Bewitching Content option is right for you?

Commit to six months of coaching calls or one ghostwriting project and receive a preferred rate on your services.


Do you want feedback on your complete manuscript?

Full Manuscript Evaluation < 325 Pages

You’ve completed writing a manuscript — congratulations! After reading your completed manuscript, I will give you feedback on your writing (4-6 page Word Document). My manuscript analysis will cover big picture topics such as character development, narrative drive, voice, and other aspects of storytelling. 


(Payment Plans Available)

Do you need help maintaining accountability while writing your book?

Get to Rollin’ Book Coaching Package

Do you have a story idea that is burning a hole in your brain, but you just can’t put the pen to the page? Submit up to ten pages per submission and receive in-line edits, and overall feedback notes on each submission. Book deadlines via my online calendar and give yourself the accountability you need to complete your book. 

10 Deadlines + 30 min coaching call:


(Payment Plans Available)

20 Deadlines + 3 30 min coaching calls + 20% discount 2nd service 


(Payment Plans Available)

Is writing a book outside of your comfort zone?

Here are two great options to get your book written incorporating your unique voice and message.



If you are interested in only digital publishing, this is the option for you. This covers books less than 50,000 words.

From $2,000 



If you want to attempt traditional publishing, select this option. Manuscripts range from 65,000 – 85,000 words. 

From $6,000


Want to make sure your book reaches your target audience?


Craft a content strategy designed to amplify your message and spread the word. 

*Includes up to 10 hours of SEO and content research, competitive analysis, influencer and thought leadership research, and 90-days worth of content themes.  


($350 with the purchase of ghostwriting services)

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