Book Coaching: What We Do

We help you bring your book into the world.

We believe that one-on-one coaching is a fantastic way to help writers bring their books to life. From novice to expert, all writers can benefit from accountability and support.

You’ll receive  editorial feedback, motivation, inspiration and the support you need to embrace the writing process and do the work.

We’re on a mission to help you find your voice and put it on the page.

Our passion is storytelling

Book Coaching: What You’ll Get



Receive a personalized writing plan based on your current situation and struggles.


Kick those excuses to the curb with individual deadlines.


A book coach is an author cheerleader that gives you tailored support when you need it most. 


With each submission, you’ll get detailed feedback on how to improve your writing and refine your book.

What is Book Coaching?

A good book coach does many thing. Essentially, they help your novel progress from start to finish. Additionally, they provide guidance and support on the path to publishing.

Particularly if you are going to self-publish, a book coach can make an enormous difference in book sales (and reviews!). Book coaching provides authors with the tools to turn an idea into a finished product.

An excellent book coach can help you plan how to get your book into your reader’s hands. From outlining and planning a novel, to characterization and world-building, book coaching can take your book and writing to the next level. When it comes to book coaching, there’s no one-size-fits all approach. Each writer has their own strengths and challenges, it’s important to find a book coach that “gets” you and what you’re trying to accomplish. Book coaching is a long term commitment and investment.

It’s not a quick fix — any novel takes a lot of work. If you’re having trouble getting your ideas onto the page or if you’re halfway through a novel with no idea where to go, book coaching provides the boost you need to cross the finish line.

Book Coaching vs. Editing: What’s the difference?

Book coaching services focus on accountability, focus, motivation, and feedback. Even if you’re working with a book coach, most likely your book will need a copyeditor or line editing before publishing. 

A book coach’s goal is to ensure you: 1) complete your novel 2) write the best book you can and 3) learn how to replicate the process of writing a book. Although developmental editing is not always part of the process.

Bewitching Content book coaching services do include developmental editing. With each deadline submission, you’ll receive overall storytelling improvements to implement, as well as in-line comments, suggestions, and edits.

Book Coaching: Do I Need It?

If you’re a writer and you want to complete your book and improve your writing, then yes! The publishing industry is changing. Whether you want to publish your book traditionally or self-publish, writing and publishing a novel is not a solo journey.

If you want guidance on the whole process, feedback on your strengths and weaknesses as a writer, as well as guidance on book cover design, Kindle formatting, and marketing strategies, book coaching is for you.

And most importantly, a book coach will guide you on putting out a well-thought out, well-written, high-quality book.