Imagine a world with your book in it.



Speaking up takes guts.

Be brave. Stand for something.

Unapologetically own your unique point of view.

Want an easier way to share your story? 

If you’re sick of minimizing your voice, feeling like your story isn’t exciting enough, or dreaming of a world in which your book exists, you’re in the right place.

As expert storytellers, we’re here to help you…


Develop your ideas, commit to a plan of attack, and set goals.


Find the accountability and inspiration you need to complete your book.


Reach your target audience and share your message with the world.

…so you can finally hold your book in your hands and connect with the readers that need your book!

How to spin your idea into story gold

Learn how to get your book out into the world.

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What We Do

Simply put: we help you share your story with the world. We have several service options to help you tell your story; ghostwriting, book coaching, developmental editing, and content strategy, as well as custom writing options.

If you want to raise your voice, be heard, and bring your ideas to life, we’re there for you every step of the way. Whether you need help to polish your manuscript, a content strategy to market your book, or a full novel ghostwritten, Bewitching Content combines value and expertise. We ghost write both fiction and nonfiction books and love everything saucy, spicy, and controversial. 

Bewitching Content is more than writing, editing, and marketing books. We’re about empowering people to raise their voice and be heard. We help you find your voice, leave a legacy, make an impact, and shine. 

Our Services

Book Coaching

10 Deadlines + 30 min coaching call 


What You Get:

  • Free book planning resources
  • Coaching calls
  • A Custom Writing plan
  • Developmental editing feedback on each writing submission
  • Accountability and support

Developmental Editing

 Full Manuscript Evaluation < 325 Pages


What You Get:

  • Editorial Letter (4-6 page Word Document)
  • Focus on character development, narrative drive, voice, and storytelling aspects
  • Overall impressions and improvements
  • Thorough and in-depth edit of your entire manuscript
  • Open, honest, and supportive critique of your writing and book
  • Evaluation of big-picture items such as characterization, plot, structure and style
  • In-line comments and edits available for an additional fee


Full-length Manuscript


What You Get:

  • Professionally ghostwritten full-length manuscript (65,000+)
  • Book Battle Plan
  • Weekly Progress Report
  • Confidentiality – We stay behind-the-scenes.
  • Copyright and royalties – All yours!
  • Query Letter Assistance + Literary Agent Resources
  • Beta Reader Feedback (Up to 3)
  • Discount on Content Strategy services

 *For books less than 65,000 words, request a custom quote.

Content Strategy


What You Get:


  • Custom content strategy and plan
  • Target Audience Profiles
  • SEO Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Influencer Research
  • Hashtag Research
  • 90- Day Content Themes
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Have you ever struggled to be heard, or felt like you don’t belong?

If your story is one of identity struggles and the in-between, you’re in the right place. I’ve lived a life full of these struggles, and the bravest thing I’ve ever done is speak the truth.


Writing a book is going to be one of the most courageous things you ever do. It’s going to push you outside your comfort zone, and take some serious guts.
You know you’re ready for it. You know this is a marathon, not a sprint, and you’ve got the passion + motivation to make it happen. You have a BIG IDEA you need to get out there.

You just need someone in your corner to help make it happen. With the right support, your voice and your message will finally be heard.