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Man Gets Engaged to Woman He Travelled 4,000 Miles to Meet After She Liked a Photo of His Chubby Cat

Chubby Cat by Good News Network
The title speaks for itself. Two people have fallen in love over an adorable animal and will marry next year.

Mindy Kaling and Priyanka Chopra Jonas are Coming Out With New Books

By Elizabeth Entenman
This article details over 10 books that are recommended reading this season. This includes new books by Mindy Kaling and Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

Unfur-gettable: Meet Pistachio, the puppy born with green fur

By Reuters
On October 9th, in an Italian farm in Pattada, a puppy with naturally green fur was born. Although this rare condition won’t last forever, it is still a rare sight to see.

The Words Matter

By Seth Godin
Seth’s Blog
There are no words left spoken that do not matter to another person. Keep in mind what you say and write and why you do it.

 Do You Have a Calling? Find Your Purpose With Rha Goddess

By Marie Forleo
Link: article link
Marie Forleo discusses with Rha Goddess her lessons in being true to yourself and finding your calling in life. In addition to the blog post, there is also a video available to watch.

 Poems of Hope and Resilience

Various Authors
The Poetry Foundation
Poetry Foundation has provided various poems that foster hope and resilience. Choose one or all to read and regain hope and inspiration for writing.

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