The biggest misconception of every writer’s life is that their job is ‘easy’. While there are of course perks to writing full time (including loving what you do for a living), writing is far from simple. The fact is that completing creative work while sticking to deadlines, and also meeting the demands and responsibilities of everyday life can be a struggle unless you have a positive support network around you. If you have a loved one who is a writer, or aspiring to be one, you likely already know first-hand that they have their work cut out for them! To help make their writing journey easier for them, the best thing to do is come up with a support strategy.

Here we’ve outlined our 5 top tips that you can easily action, how to support writers in your life.

1 – Ask about their work. Purchase it if you can!  

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Sometimes all it takes to spark that next little bit of creativity is a well-meaning question or a chat about their latest projects. Take the time to ask them about their work and really listen to any issues or dilemmas they may be having. Once their project is complete don’t underestimate the power of purchasing it. This doesn’t necessarily have to be for yourself if you know someone who you think would relate to their work, buy it for them as a gift!

2 – Help to spread the word.

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Publicly showing your support of their work helps your writer to grow their public network. From important job referrals to pointing someone in the direction of their website, shoutouts on social media or simply sharing their updates – no matter how big or small spreading the word will not only show them that they are supported but can also help their marketing efforts and lead to other writing jobs in the future.

3 – Give them space to work and write.


Every writer’s process is different – some need background noise and a buddy, some need complete silence and an empty room. The key is to understand how they work best and to adapt your support to that. If you’re unsure how best you can help, all you have to do is ask. Want to be a superstar supporter? Take their dog for a walk, watch the kids, or take some errands off their hands to give them extra time to squeeze in some wordplay.

4 – Actively inspire their creativity.

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If your writer is struggling with the dreaded writer’s block, an easy way to support them is to take them out to places that will inspire their creativity. Whether it’s the beauty of the local park, a day of fresh sea air, or even just your favourite brunch place, dedicated time away from their laptop can do wonders to refresh their tired brain.

5 – Words of encouragement and moral support go a long way

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There will be times when your writer is feeling full of creativity and can’t wait to get stuck into their latest piece each day. There will also be times where the deadlines pile up, they’re working long hours, and they feel stuck. Writing is a very uncertain profession, and it is important to show support during the good and the bad. Moral support will always go a long way – cheer them on, compliment their work and urge them to take adventurous risks.

Sometimes writers need extra support. Knowing how to support writers in your life will make you a better friend, spouse, partner, or family member. And of course, you’ll make us better writers!

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