As a journey, writing a book and getting it published is equal parts exciting and rewarding, as well as time-consuming and stressful.

Throughout the process there are a large number of boxes that need to be checked; from choosing traditional or self-publishing to proofreading and even marketing. It’s no wonder then, that a large number of writers can feel overwhelmed in the face of this intimidating industry.

Luckily help and support are at hand, in the form of a book coach!

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What is a book coach?

Previously, publishing companies or editors would read through hundreds of manuscripts in order to find one they felt had potential. From there, in-house editors completed the work of polishing the manuscript, while the publishing company handled the marketing efforts. Effectively, you were simply the author.

Now, however, technology has led to a number of changes within the publishing industry. Authors are now able to wear a number of different hats, and almost anyone with a great idea can take the time to write a book, and see it published. While this ‘going it alone’ method is a great opportunity for many, it can be stressful to navigate without the proper support in place.

A book coach is an industry expert who will guide you through the book writing process, leading you towards success. Each coach can take on a slightly different role, but they will often help you with a wide range of areas. Including; grammar and syntax, planning and originality, proofreading, design and marking, approaching publishers and more.

Why do I need a Book Coach? plant, inspiration, creativity, writing advice

Here are 4 reasons why you need a book coach:

1 – To Improve Your Writing Craft

No matter how seasoned they may be, every writer should be looking to continually improve and refine their writing craft. A book coach can provide you with regular, dedicated advice to help you improve your writing and take your passion to the next level,

2 – To Increase Your Productivity

Procrastination is something that every writer struggles with. However, if you’re choosing to write your book in your spare time, while also juggling a job and family life, you need to be as productive as possible. A book coach can help you to create a targeted step by step action plan that will outline exactly what you need to achieve and when in order to successfully reach your goals. 

3 – To Invest in Your Creativity

As a writer, you need to take the time to invest in your own creativity. Writing is a passion and an art form, and you should give it the necessary investment that you would with any other aspect of your life. Runners don’t think twice in investing in that new pair of trainers. Artists will regularly purchase new supplies to take their work to the next level. As a writer, you should invest in a book coach to help push your writing to be the best it can be. 

4 – To Enjoy Being Part of a Writing Community

Writing can be an extremely lonely process at times. Even authors with the most supportive network around them can feel the pressure. Having a book coach also gives you access to a writing community, where you can share ideas, offer advice and receive support from people who understand exactly what you’re going through.

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