Grow Your Business, One Book at a Time

Books can be an awesome piece of viral content marketing. Imagine if you could grow your business with a monetized product. Sound too good to be true? Read on!  It’s not rocket science, but it is the power of storytelling! Publishing a book, whether hardback or online, is a sure-fire to uplift your business. And I mean any business. Think of it as an extension of content strategy, a way to hold the attention of your audience and engage with them on a deeper level. You might not know where to even begin with writing your own book, which is why even seasoned authors turn to ghostwriters to help them convey their story in the right light.

What can your book do for you? Let me break it down. 


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Think of it as your introduction to the world: who you are, what you do, and your philosophy. A book is a way in which you can really get into the nitty-gritty and build a platform for your message, without a 280 character limit.

Writing a book lends an incredible amount of credibility to your name, cause let’s face it, not everyone can write a book. You automatically become an authority figure, an expert in your field, and you can flex all the expertise you may have been hoarding.

Plenty of people will tell you that ‘books are the new business card’. Pshh. They’re thinking too small.

A book is leagues ahead of a simple business card, it’s an instant credential. Anyone can order a stack of generic-looking business cards online. Not everyone can author a personal book and share valuable insights.

First, think of your book as your newest marketing tool, use it to establish yourself and your business and leverage the opportunities presented.


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In this day and age, audiences aren’t interested in cookie-cutter material or stories. They want true stories, real people, who aren’t afraid to say it how it is! By sharing your point of view on life, business, family, or whatever the topic, you can leverage your persona to expand your reach.

While I’m not suggesting a tell-all, full revelations book, but a strategic way to align your personality along with your hopes, visions, and fears with your products. If you’re scratching your head, thinking how you should even start, well that’s where a ghostwriter like me can come in, but more on that later. Next!


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Any business-savvy person will tell you that you’ve gotta find your audience and know them well. Here’s something they don’t often tell you: Google is the reigning search engine, followed by Youtube and the third? Well, that’s good old Amazon.

Confused? Well, when it comes to products and services, that’s where consumers are headed. Think about it, when you’re shopping you’re not looking for ads to convince what to buy, you’re looking for an authority figure or expert to tell you what’s the good, bad, and the ugly. What if your consumers could shop from the person that literally wrote the book on it? That’s the power of establishing your corner of the market and letting clients come to you.

In short, having your book online allows you to know your niche market since they’ll already be actively looking for the person in the know.


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Similarly, when the media needs an expert opinion, they find one. Establish yourself as that authority and maximize your exposure. Opportunities like these can do magic for your SEO, web presence, public appearances, PR, and further cement your expert status.


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Think of this as a bonus, rather than your primary recruitment strategy. People follow those who can deliver on a vision. By becoming an author, you can communicate your successes, failures, and growth in an inspiring fashion to attract top talents. Inspire your followers and fans. Next, they will want to be a part of your success, and learn how to recreate your path.


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Publishing your book is just the beginning; you can continue to use it to leverage your core business in numerous ways. It could lead to hosting workshops, a course, you can use it in promotional materials, create an audio version, provide excerpts to leading publications. It’s a small investment, that attracts opportunity and helps bolster your brand beyond the expected.

What’s stopping you from getting started?

Probably the time it takes and thought of mulling over the right words or how to frame an anecdote correctly, am I right? Fortunately, authoring a book can be as simple as communicating your story, business savvy, and goals to a professional ghostwriter like me. 

As a business owner, you’re probably well versed in leveraging your team’s skills to maximize potential. It’s no different now. Our ghostwriting services help you start scaling your business through carefully crafted storytelling and leverage your author status to catapult your company forward.

Finally, you can grow your business on your terms. When you grow your business with a book, you add another income stream and a world of possibilities.

Ready to take control of your narrative?

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